Event Report

International Paragliding Accuracy Competition (2017)

Paragliding Accuracy Competition of International Standard as per the existing rules was held at Mechukha during the [email protected] festival held from 23-25, November, 2017. Competitors from Nepal and India took part in the competition.

Another notable one which made the event more lively and successful was the presence of renowned paragliding pilots like Sanjay Pendurkar, Manoj Roy and one of the oldest pilot of India Sunil Karer.

Shri Sanjay Pendurkar, Director/Chief Technician (India), Shri Manoj Roy, Former President PAI (India)- Technical adviser, Shri Suren Gurung, Chief Judge (Nepal) and Raju Rai, Event Organiser and Co-Director with members from Paragliding Association of Arunachal, namely Shri Niku Tara, Shri Kojam Sono, Ms Alisha Khonjuju and Ms Bachimi Khonjuju worked extremely hard to make the event successful.

My heartiest thanks to all the participants and the technicians for the pain they have taken to make the event successful. Tandem Paragliding Ride was also arranged to let the public feel the joy of flying in the sky. Unfortunately, the 2 girls participants from Arunachal Pradesh, Ms Alisha Khonjuju and Ms Bachimi Khonjuju could not compete in the event due to underage.



  1. Bishal Bahadur Chetri (Nepal)
  2. Narayan Parajuli (Nepal)
  3. Suresh Bahadur Thapa (Nepal)


  1. Foram Pandya (Maharashtra, India)
  2. Rupa Devi Karki (Sikkim, India)
  3. Cheden Bhutia (Sikkim, India)